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Environmental and Conservation

National Audubon Society

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Environmental Defense (EDF)

Sierra Club

Worldwatch Institute

League of Conservation Voters

All About Birds - Cornell Lab


Rainforest Action Network

Friends of the Earth U.S.


Environmental Working Group

Information on Climate Change / Global Warming:

Inside Climate News -an amazing source of powerful climate information   Inside Climate News was the first news organization to break the news that EXXON KNEW many years ago that climate change was very dangerous. Exxon chose to hide the information and form groups of fossil fuel companies to spread disinformation and convince people there was a lot of doubt about whether climate change was 'real' or not. INSIDE CLIMATE NEWS – a great source of solid climate information.

Think Progress – Climate information, from the general to the very specific

Think Progress – Why climate scientists have consistently UNDERestsimated key global warming impacts

Skeptical Science – An amazing repository of climate information - facts, debunked myths and more– all with a background of true science.

Wunderground – Climate change graphs and articles

BBC-Climate Change – Glaciers and Ice Sheets

Science Daily – Understanding methane's seabed escape

Science Daily – Methane Releases from Arctic Shelf May Be Much Larger and Come Faster Than Anticipated (Mar. 5, 2010)

Climate Progress – Recent warming is amazing and atypical—poised to destroy the stable climate that made civilization possible

The Energy Collective – Climate Change and Sea Level Rise

City Council, Park District and other meetings, agendas, etc.:

Decatur City Council meeting dates and agendas

Decatur Park District´┐Żs Board of Commissioners meeting dates and additional public information

Decatur Park Dist. Agendas and minutes should routinely be available here


Information on development of backyard habitat:

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard
Even a small back yard can be landscaped to attract birds, butterflies, beneficial insects, and small animals. Trees, shrubs, and other plants provide shelter and food for wildlife.

Find the native plants for your area.
Enter your 5-digit zip code to use the National Audubon native plants database. The database allows you to select for type of plant (tree, shrub, vine, grasses, etc.); resource wanted (butterflies, caterpillars, nuts, fruit, etc.); and more.

Information on tar sands (oilsands) development and the Keystone XL pipeline:

Keystone XL Pipeline Could Push Endangered Whooping Crane into Extinction

National Geographic - A Series of Photographs in Alberta where tar sands extraction is being done

Natl. Geographic- Tar Sands-The Canadian Oil Boom - Scraping Bottom

Boreal Birds- 1,500 Scientists Worldwide Call for Protection of Canada's Boreal Forest

Boreal Birds- The Carbon the World Forgot

Pembina Institute- Why the oilsands matter to climate policy in Canada (and ALL of us!)

Bold Nebraska- much tar sands and pipeline information!

WorldWatch Institute- Oil Sands: The Costs of Alberta's 'Black Gold'

OilSandsWatch- lots of information on tar sands development

Bold Nebraska- Two Major Unions Oppose the Keystone XL pipeline

Care2- Stop Tar petition

Information on fracking:

Food and Water Watch – Why Ban Fracking? HERE'S WHY!

Earthjustice – Fracking Gone Wrong, Finding a Better Way

Illinois People's Action – much excellent information on fracking

Earthjustice, interview with an attorney

New Yorkers Against Fracking

EcoWatch – lots of fracking information

Environmental Working Group – Fracking and Methane in Drinking Water

Food and Water Watch – how the TPP would fast-track fracking

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Decatur Audubon Home
Meeting Dates & Programs Activities Educational Resources-Grants-Scholarships
Officers & Committees Selected Newsletter Articles Membership Information Links